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Patriot:Ex Machina:
How about our neighbors to the North?
Let's hear from ya.

...sticking my head out briefly, seeing my shadow and scurrying back underground...

Any Canucks out there that can share advice on cold weather gardening to an Alaskan neighbor?  Would love to pick your brains.....!

Hey fellow Canadians!
I'm happy to see a few of you here! I'm an ex-pat squatting in TX for the moment.
Cold weather gardening... When I lived there, I had some good luck with using straw bales as insulation around a hotbox (painted black on the inside). At night, I would put bales on top of the glass roof in order to insulate from cold temperatures and then take it off during the day. That said, I haven't dealt with anything close to an AK winter (I lived in Southern Ontario) so I imagine you might have to build a larger structure to prevent freezing.
Checkout this strawbale greenhouse:
It might be a better insulated solution?

or this "composting" greenhouse should be nice and toasty (albeit more expensive).


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