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--- Quote from: stevebluff on February 07, 2009, 03:50:53 PM ---Hi, how did the snow affect you all?  I made it into work Monday and Tuesday (took my land cruiser though rather than the saloon).

--- End quote ---

David was in Brazil all week so he made it to work just fine!   He made it out before the snows hit and Heathrow was open when he got back this last Sat.  He came home in the middle of the afternoon so he was fine on our road.

We didn't make it to chuch on Sunday, though, as our road refreezes in the dark and doesn't thaw until it's been daylight for quite a while.
He stayed home today to get some things done.  We'll see what happens tomorrow morning. 

My chickens hate all the white stuff.

Ummm, not to nag or anything, but does anyone have any airgun recommendations?   

Hi there Rosesandtea,
I've been looking into airguns myself lately. I've come to the conclusion that to own a firearm (ie a .22 rifle) is just too arduous a talk in this country. Hunting power air rifles are much less hassle. I'm sure you've researched this yourself but you can own an airgun with a power of 12 ft lbs maximum before it requires a firearms certificate. A gun of this power is  quite sufficient to shoot small game like rabbits. There are a lot of cheap far eastern made guns available, some below the £100 mark but you get what you pay for. The best gun I've seen so far (and saving the money to buy one) is the Air Arms TX200. Really well made but heavy as a result. They sell for around £350 but I've seen them with scopes second hand for around £250. Weihrauch enjoy an excellent reputation as do the good old British small arms (BSA) - BSA Lightning seem to be the one to go for in my opinion.
If you're interested, it's my opinion that as a prepper it's best to go for a spring rifle rather than a precharge. If it all goes belly-up there's going to be nowhere to recharge your bottle. With a springer you always have the power in your elbow!
I've also discussed the pros & cons of fixed barrel (underlever action) and break-barrel actions but in well made modern guns there seem  to be little between them.
Hope that's of some use to you - fire in the questions as it's a good way of driving research into the subject.
Cheers - Jonathan (in Suffolk)

Hi all, just wanted to say hello to Luke & Steve too - welcome!
It's brilliant to see a bit of activity growing in the UK. We have a rather different political and legal situation here which I feel makes our approach slightly different. So it will be great to get some discussion going here. The big difference of course is the issue of gun ownership.
I've been listening pretty much since day one - I love it. I've not been active on the forum for a while though, been rather busy with work.
I'm starting to squirrel away a few supplies and am slowly putting together bug out bags for all my family (5 of us).
The recent snow has really made me think about equipping vehicles with permanent kits for all kinds of emergencies. When you give it some thought, getting stuck in a vehicle comes down to making the same decision as you would at home - Bug-in or Bug-out, stay or go. In either case you're going to need to be prepared. For example, I realised that I drive to work wearing clothes that would not be suitable for walking anydistance in bad weather - and I like to think that I'm a prepper !!!
I'd be interested to hear what preps you lot are all doing.
I've started to learn to shoot a bow recently too - are any of you archers?
Cheers - Jon

Hey Jonathan,
thanks for your post/answer.   I can see your point about the spring powered airguns.  It really is an excellent point.

My problem is that they are also so much more expensive!!  I was hesitant to ask dh for one around the £100 mark and those are pcps. 

Well, he's listening to the podcasts now so maybe he will "spring" for one at some point!


Hi Karen - it's all very well to go for the best kit but budget is important too! If you Google it you can easily get an air rifle for under £100 but if I were you I'd avoid paying much less. If you want to actually be able to kill anything with it then go for something in the region of 11.5 ft lbs - if you just want to give it a go and shoot tin cans in your garden then you can easily go cheap and just have fun.
You can't buy airguns by post, they have to be bought through a dealer so I'd do a search to see who's near you and go & talk to them about it. In this current climate it wouldn't suprise me if there are some good second hand bargains to be had.

Happy shooting - Jon


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