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Hi, Steve here.  I live on the Hants/Wilts border.

I noticed someone from wilts earlier.

Hello to all UK preppers!



Hi guys just thought i would add another guy to the mix, im 19 and in the west midlands.

ive been listening since day one.


hi luke, i wonder how many uk listeners we have.

Wonder if jack knows??



I'm American, but my husband is English.  We live in south Oxfordshire.

Prior to y2k I stored a lot of water,which was very strange to those who knew about it,  funny thing was that one day in '98 I think, the water to our road was off with no explanation and I was so pleased that I didn't have to worry about water or even bother trying to figure out how to work the mobile water tank they just dumped with no instructions on the green up the road.  The outage didn't last long, but was instructive to me.

Unfortunately, as we are trying to move house, we are reducing as much as possible but I do think I want to keep up at least some water.

My b'day is coming up and I think I would like an airgun as my pressie from dh - seems like a good way to begin  - anyway do any of y'all know of a good place to get one at a reasonable distance from my area?  Also recommendations for type that would suit me, who is a newbie, and not very strong especially in arms  (i.e. the arms that attach to own's torso!).   

I am hoping to be able to use the range that is in our town, if I can get the secretary to contact me back!   

Hoping none of you are too badly affected by the global warming we are having - we had a few inches today and the kids enjoyed it.

Hi, how did the snow affect you all?  I made it into work Monday and Tuesday (took my land cruiser though rather than the saloon).


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