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2A Sancuaries growing beond those under attack


I do not want to steal the thunder form Virginia in any way shape or from they are leading the visual fight.  I was going to post it in the thread on the Virginia movement but did not want to hijack the thread with the me to responses from other places starting a movement ahead of the bills being written.  I have heard of George and possible Michigan moving as well.

In the local papers here in rural Ohio (Canton region) there has been and will be more meetings on creating this county a 2A Sanctuary county.  The short version is the movement is growing.  I am not sure about the people reported to be running these meetings I checked one out on YouTube and he is using the words Civil and revolutionary war more than I am comfortable with personally.  There was a report earlier that there were people who did not attend because they could not be "kitted up"(not the exact wording).  That does not appear to be in the article linked.  That is a good thing but Patriot Watch Media did not make me comfortable with these people.  I just am not there yet, although there are a lot there.  I see it coming but do not feel it is right to use it as a counter proposal.  I think the 2A sanctuary movement sends a message on it's own that can not be ignored.  It would be nice if there was not the big stick tied to it.

Virginia stand strong!

I am not sure if I am Normally Biased or a Hypocrite.  I think I am just not wanting to believe we are close to (or already in) a shooting war here at home.  I do feel that these laws will do the same that the War on Booze (prohibition) and the war on drugs did for organized crime. 

Morning Sunshine:

--- Quote from: DDJ on January 13, 2020, 12:00:00 PM ---   I do feel that these laws will do the same that the War on Booze (prohibition) and the war on drugs did for organized crime.

--- End quote ---

prohibition for anything is a bad idea in a free country


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