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Whole Bunch of Input Requested: AR Pistols as EDC Questions

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The Professor:

Usually, I have a rather long, drawn-out post.  I am rather tired, but still have a lot to discuss on this topic.

While part of me wants to discuss the reason behind this question in-depth, I'm afraid of derailing the thread in a direction I don't really want to go.

Let's just say that I am considering including an inexpensive, but reliable AR Pistol in each of our vehicles for some of the more extreme threats that I'm concerned may arise over the next year or so.  I'm going this route because I want the compactness of an SBR, but don't want the paperwork and hassle of a Form 1 firearm.  Due to the smaller size requirement, I'm going with a .300 BLK with a 7.5" bbl and optimizing ammo and accessories to those limitations and limiting the Engagement Sphere to under 100 yards (realistically, much closer) with a potential for a high number of immediate, primary threats.  This is to be a high profile weapon in case the driver is forced to engage in EVA under extreme duress.

I haven't made the commitment just yet.  This is to be considered merely an exercise that may result in a practical application.

Since these two vehicles cross state lines, I won't be using a suppressor, integral or otherwise.  The pistols will be basic, no-frills home builds most likely on Anderson uppers and lowers with basic grade barrels, BCG's, etc.  There will be no trick triggers, expensive sights, etc.  In fact, one of the most expensive parts will probably be the brace, which will probably be GearHead Works Tailhook 2's for their adjustability.  Mags will be the new Okay 30 rd mags.

They'll have a minimum of 500 rounds put through them before they're put in the vehicles to make sure they run solid.

I'm looking for opinions on a couple of decisions:

1.  Flash can vs. muzzle brake vs. flash hider:  A standard birdcage would do just fine, but considering that the area where I'm concerned these might find use is in an urban setting, I'm leaning towards the flash cans, which would direct sound and flash forward.  This results in a greater muzzle climb and slower recovery, but we're talking close-in/CQB distances.  I also like the fact that it mitigates, somewhat, my exposure to very loud reports since I'm behind the can.  I can also see a benefit of threats on the receiving end catching the brunt of the sound.  The ammo I'm using is premium ammo (SIG's Solid Copper 120gr OTM) with heavily flash-suppressed powder, which has almost no flash from my 9" barrels.

Your opinion: Do you feel the redirection of the sound signature forward would provide enough benefit to offset any reduction in muzzle climb were I to choose a muzzle brake or birdcage flash hider? 

2.  Storage: Like many others, I am wrestling with the possibility that this might be stolen.  Yet, I want it to be in a location that can be quickly accessed under extreme duress and time constraints.  Seldom are there a third or fourth person in my vehicles, so I am thinking about putting these in a "discrete" case on the floor immediately behind the front seats and center console, being covered up with a blanket or something similar.  This case would also hold spare mags.  Part of the reason I'm making this a "cheap" build is to minimize cost in case it's taken.  However, a part of me still has a problem with not putting this in some form of safe.  Can anyone make a suggestion that would increase the security but maximize accessibility under extreme stress?

3.  Anything I'm overlooking?  While I can see the benefits of things such as adding a light, a laser, etc., I still want to keep it simple.  Do you think this oversimplification is a good idea, or should I just bite the proverbial bullet and put them on, anyway?

Yeah, I know. . .this is a bit off from recent warm-and-fuzzier discussions.  But, I feel we're entering another period of greater potential for physical danger than we've seen in a very long time.

All sane discussions and opinions appreciated.

The Professor

Now you got me curious about your dark vision of the near future.  You can’t leave us hanging like that.  Could you do a separate thread to flesh that out a bit?

Just curious, how accurate are you with an AR style pistol? The people i've seen at the range using them can barely put all their shots on paper @ 10 yrds. Sounds like you know that size/style and feel comfortable in a SHTF scenario.

Alan Georges:
The biggest problem I have with the pistol-with-a-"brace" concept is that their legality is on very thin ice.  I know that there have been several ATF letters, findings, etc. saying things are hunky-dory if you just happen to shoulder one in the heat of the moment, but it takes one change of administrative ruling plus one youtube video you didn't know was being made, and boom, you're in possession of an unpapered SBR.

But it's a great idea for a "more than your Glock" car gun.  They are accurate when shouldered, and have all the other things you mentioned going for them.  Legally though, they just scare the hell out of me.  That's about the only reason I haven't gone this way.

David in MN:
A lot of this depends on usage. If you plan to shoot from the vehicle I would take any noise reducer possible. I can't imagine shooting an AR pistol in a car.

I would also keep it simple. If you attach a bunch of crap you'll lose mobility in a tight space.

I, like Alan, fear the AR pistol. From my perspective it immediately negates all my work with an AR as I will immediately put my left hand over the muzzle (assuming I accidentally shouldered it). It would take lots of training to overcome this and that would be illegal. Beyond that, even if you stay on the legal side it only takes one cop who doesn't know the law at the range to ruin your day and cost you thousands.

I'm curious to see what others think.

--- Quote from: The Professor on July 23, 2018, 12:16:56 AM ---Yeah, I know. . .this is a bit off from recent warm-and-fuzzier discussions.  But, I feel we're entering another period of greater potential for physical danger than we've seen in a very long time.

--- End quote ---

I unfortunately agree. We have had what seem like violent mobs of every possible cause imaginable instantly erupt and do things like block freeways and throw rocks at pedestrians. My wife and I have a "no-go" map of Minneapolis and as we track news it grows. Things have actually cooled off this summer (not typical) but a couple bad events and things could get real bad real quick.


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