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Re: The United Kingdom
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Hey Ya'll!!!  I am a Hillbilly that moved over to the UK.  I lived in North Georgia with the crazies and wildcats.  I had a 3 acre homestead.  Had dogs, cats, goats and chickens.  Also, I had about 30 varieties of fruit bearing trees and shrubs in a "semi-food forest" set up.  I sold it all and moved to Chesham, Buckinghamshire, UK.  Now I live in a partial Victorian Flat at the edge of the Metro London area.  I am a telecom engineer by trade and have been a "house husband" for the past six months.  I was an avid prepper.  With ammo, weapons, seeds, food and the semi skills to be ready for taking my life out of the corporate world to a true simpler lifestyle.  Self sufficient and self reliant to a point.  I have listened to Jack since around episode 75.  The old car days with him ranting and raving at traffic as I was in my commute. 

My life changed.  My wife was offered a role with a Fortune 10 company to come to the UK and be part of the whole of Europe in this, that and the other.  I have two boys(10 and 4) that I may never get to see the world with.  Between the work schedule that I worked and the expectations that my non prepping wife has, let's just say, how often to you get a chance to see the world with your kids, while they still listen to you and while you are physically able to?  We said jump and here we are.  Kids go to public (private for our my people in the USA) English school and have already shown them Dublin and Edinburgh. We plan on more but I have decided to transition from a house husband to back working telecom.  I have been afforded an opportunity to work from home in my field and still be there for my boys.  So, things are much different than I am use to here in the UK.  :) 

The reason I decided to post in the forum is one of several reasons.  One being, I am very alone in my thinking, not of "survival" but of self reliance.  I long to be back to where I almost was. On the precipice of being self sufficient via my income and lifestyle.  I am wondering were most of "my tribe" is.  My kind of people.  Hardy, self reliant people.  No offense but it does seem that there is a lot of people wanting the nanny state to take care of them.  I don't understand that at all.  Also, I am not one of those folks that will sit in the background and only think about myself when shit hits the fan in one form or another.  I think of it as being my responsibility to take care of my neighbors even if my neighbor don't know my name.  Point I am trying to get at, is their any others like me over here or I am going to start from scratch making converts?!? :)  Let me know where ya'll stand.  :)


Ridge Runner in the UK :)

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Re: The United Kingdom
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Hi all from Yorkshire  :)

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Re: The United Kingdom
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Just waving the flag here.   Been listening through the podcasts while mucking out and upping my prepping game a little.

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Re: The United Kingdom
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