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Dear TSPF folks:

I am wondering about strategies for building up a gun and ammo collection over time.  We have a few guns for hunting, a few rifles, a shotgun, one or two bb guns, no handguns.  I am not so interested in zombie apocalypse, and not sure if our 3 kids will take up hunting seriously, but...  the reason I'd like some guns is that, should they become scarce someday, it might be nice to have a decent collection that the kids could make use of or inherit in the future.  For now our neighborhood is just fine, we don't have any urgent need to conceal carry for protection and no real worries about home invasion or things that go bump in the night.  Safety with kids is of course huge.

The kids could take up sporting clays, maybe. We can do bbs in the backyard this summer. 

Wondering about maybe an investment plan to purchase 1 or 2 guns a year, mostly for collection, a little bit for preparedness.
Any suggestions on how your built up a stash?

Where do you buy your guns?  Do you get them from regular shops or are you buying secondhand most of the time?

Buy what you want or need and be happy.  :) As far as ammo goes...just buy a box every time you go to the store, or periodically buy a case. Same for things like spare magazines.

I bought a gun every month or two for a while, before my boy was born. I think I've only bought three or four in twice as many years...still some I want, just not that important anymore. I already have anything I might have use for.

I have a few. I have not bought many in the last few years. Most the recent items were things friends were looking to get rid of and the deals were good.
There are a few more on my want list but they are pricey. If I happen across one cheep I'll grab it but not going to pay full nut on them.
Want list.
Kimber ultra carry 45.
Bineilli semi auto shotty
Something like a rem 700 in a large caliber for long distance, maybe 300 win mag.
Wildey 475 Magnum, This is just because its cool.


--- Quote from: notmyrealname on May 21, 2016, 11:55:17 AM ---where do you buy your guns?  Do you get them from regular shops or are you buying secondhand most of the time?

--- End quote ---
My best friend is a FFL/SOT dealer. If I want to buy a new gun he just orders it for me. If I am buying used it is usually from friends. I have been to a few gun shows but have never found any deals.

To start, just buy what interests you. Start looking at gun magazines and websites, Guns and Ammo, There are dozens of good magazines out there. Go to your local gun store and look around. See what peaks your interest. You really can't go wrong unless you buy bunch of High Points. I also know a FFL and buy from him but I also go to a small gun shop and buy there. If you plan on buying a few stick with a smaller shop. The first may be a little more than a big box store but they usually take care of repeat customers. If you buy one you don't like you won't have any trouble selling it to get another.
The above advice about ammo was spot on. Buy frequently and as much as you can afford, especially before November.


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