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John Farnam: Personal readiness with a running gun

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--- Quote from: Endurance on October 27, 2015, 09:33:19 PM ---He doesn't need to be a navy seal, but I don't think his current conditioning would help him in a serious situation either.

--- End quote ---

His adiposity might nudge the terminal ballistics in his favor.  But, then again, wading through all that blubber in the OR isn't good for anyone.

When I took his class in 1988, he wasn't exactly thin then, but he had some younger guys teaching movement stuff, like dropping to one knee to aid with a pivot. Now he doesn't teach that stuff and I'm left to wonder if it's because he can't do it himself or because the research has shown there's a reason not to do it. Therein lies one of my reasons for it being an issue. Is it his physical limitations impacting his instruction or is there science to back up staying on one's feet. Before he emphasized the importance of dropping out of the bad guys field of vision to buy time if you were engaging more than one target (this wasn't civilian training, like I've taken more recently).  It could also be just that, it's civilian-oriented vs my previous tactical training.


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