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New to the forums, new to firearms. As my username suggests, I'm on my own figuring this all out; DH has no interest in prepping.

We are also new to livestock keeping. We have goats now and can foresee nothing larger than a pig or sheep in the future. It has been bothering me for a while that we have no way to dispatch a suffering animal if a dog, coyote or a mountain lion maimed it. Mountain lions were right in town this winter, although the neighbors' dogs are the most likely risk. I'm ready and willing to do the work to become a responsible gun owner so I can take responsibility for my animals. I can hardly call a neighbor to ask him to do it in the middle of the night. 

I've been shooting twice handguns with a friend, former special ops guy from another highly militarized country, did surprisingly well with him shooting targets at our county range. I could imagine shooting at clay targets for fun, although I have no idea with who, where, how that could happen and don't really need another hobby. We are in a very remote part of the west. (We live on 3 acres in unincorporated county land, if that matters.) There's a guy a couple hours from here who does NRA pistol and rifle courses for beginners. DH has agreed to go, but he won't get around to setting it up. I have no idea even which one to sign up for.

Right now I'm setting aside the home defense needs. Appropriate armament will come later after we get training and comfortable with the first weapon. But where to even start?

Take the course, see what you like, and talk about all this with your instructor

Also, we most likely already have threads on this topic, so search for those here and read thru them

Sorry, I must not have been clear on my question. Which course? Pistol or rifle? It's one or the other, not both.
(BTW, I did search the old threads but found nothing about choosing guns for livestock euthanasia.)

I would suggest a bolt action rifle in 22LR, you can practice shooting with it, you can dispatch any wounded animals with it as well.

if not a bolt gun a 10/22 is a semi auto 22 LR that is pretty cheaply priced and is a good first rifle. A 22 pistol would work as well but shooting pistols is harder to learn then a rifle which is why I would suggest starting with a rifle.

Rifles are definitely easier to learn on, so unless your immediate plans involve carrying concealed, I'd start with the rifle class.  Talk to the instructor before the class and let him know you don't own a gun and I'm sure he would be happy to bring one of his own.  Most of the nra instructors I know are eager to not only instruct, but also guide you on your first gun purchase.

Welcome to the forum.


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