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.380 Penetration: JHP or Hardcast FN?

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Yes, I realize that a .380 is not the ideal self-defense round, but for those times when I can't stuff a .45-70 BFR in my summer shorts, I'm trying to figure out the most effective ammo for my LCP or my wife's Bersa Thunder CC (in her case, it is an issue of recoil management, more than size).  After reading the marketing on the Buffalo Bore site ( I'm kinda sold on the theory that the JHP may not have enough velocity to expand, and/or mass to penetrate to 12+ inches.  The hardcast has a flat point that will deform if it hits anything.  The thought is that the FP will also cut a hole, instead of pushing things aside, like a round nose.  Seems true of the paper I shoot, but paper ain't people.  I worry about over penetration, but how much energy would that bullet really have after going through the perp.  Some loaded statements there, but I'd appreciate any thoughts and experiences you may have.  Thanks!

Do we have popcorn? ::)

Lol, yeah, I know  ;D
   I did a search and didn't come up with anything.  Surprised it hasn't been discussed ad nauseam.  No conclusion will be reached, but I might get some ideas........

I have Winchester Ranger 95g HP  in mine.

I had this question and I watched a lot of gelatin test on you tube.  I came to the following conclusions.
* The 380 is a really weak round.  Multiple hits are probably required.
* If possible carry my J frame S&W snub nose in 38 spc+p.   Much better performance than 380 and most 9mm.
* Some people recommend using FMJ to get required penetration.  Penetration of FMJ was about 2 inches better, but smaller wound channel.  Maybe alternate the two?  Another possibility is look for higher performance hollow point.
* Nothing makes me feel safer than my XDs in 45.  But I still carry the 380 on hot days or when in shorts.


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