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Negligent discharge

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+1 from me too.  My ND came when I was in the 8th grade, MANY years ago.  We always kept our firearms unloaded, well, except for the time that we had a pair of coyotes that were trying to tease the dogs out for a run every evening.  My dad left his .30-06 loaded and I thought that it was time to give it a good cleaning a few days later.  I tried one quick "dry fire" with it before cleaning it.  OOPS!  I was following all other safety proceedures so no harm done except to my ego.  But I remember it to this day very clearly.


--- Quote from: Luv2ryd2002 on April 04, 2014, 07:38:27 PM ---I had a negligent discharge my home!  Scared the S@!$ out of me.  No one was hurt. No one else was in the house.  I failed on a number of safety rules. No excuse. But nothing like this to get refocused on the important stuff.  I did a lot of searching on the internet after this.  A good link for everybody to read through. This guy was lucky...I was amazingly lucky. It's easy to get complacent.  Think about how much of an impact this could have in your life. Now or even when things aren't "normal".

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+1 for testicular fortitude in owning up and admitting your mistake.


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