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Negligent discharge

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I had a negligent discharge my home!  Scared the S@!$ out of me.  No one was hurt. No one else was in the house.  I failed on a number of safety rules. No excuse. But nothing like this to get refocused on the important stuff.  I did a lot of searching on the internet after this.  A good link for everybody to read through. This guy was lucky...I was amazingly lucky. It's easy to get complacent.  Think about how much of an impact this could have in your life. Now or even when things aren't "normal".

Glad you and yours are ok.. and may there never be a next time.


Cedar, thanks. I always prided myself on being safe with my firearms and I'm extremely embarrassed.  I now have a 230 grain fmj under the carpet in the bedroom.  I don't think there will be a confession until we replace carpets.

When I was a child, I went to a girl scout meeting once a week after school, which meant once a week my younger brother was at home by himself for an hour and a half. He discharged my dads 44 and tried to hide that it had happened. we were so lucky neither he or any other kid was hurt. Bullet went thru the mattress and box spring, thru the floor and buried itself in the dirt under the house. Luckily mattresses don't cause ricochets. He put the firearm back where he got it, rearranged things to hide the hole in the mattress. No one know for a week or so. Everyone on his forum, I am sure, knows better. No amount of gun safety admonisions and training will keep accidents from happening with a first (or second - cant remember) grader. They are realy just too young to realy get it. He knew how it worked all right, knew he needed to pull that hammer back ! It should not have been hanging off the bed post loaded on a day he was home alone.


--- Quote from: Luv2ryd2002 on April 04, 2014, 07:38:27 PM ---I had a negligent discharge my home! 
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It takes balls to own up to that kind of mistake and you're right we can get complacent if we aren't careful. Thanks for sharing.

In high school a friend of mine who was the son of a gun nut and quite a gun nut himself, had a ND. He "dry fired" a pistol down his hall and put a hole through a bunch of his hanging clothes in the closet on the other side of a wall. The way we found out was he had a hole in the same spot on several shirts he wore to school. He finally owned up to it.


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