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Taking gun off/putting gun on throughout day

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So my job requires me to often make visits to schools. I am brand new to concealed carry, I just recently got my permit, haven't gotten a pistol, belt, or holster yet. To both carry, which I would prefer to do as often as possible, and do my job, which I would like to keep, I would have to disarm myself before stepping out of my vehicle when in the school parking lot.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a holster/pistol combination that I could easily remove, secure in my vehicle, and put back on without doing a wardrobe change in my sedan? I typically wear a tucked-in button-down shirt and long pants for work.

David in MN:
A Remora holster can slide in and out easily. I have one and like it. It's not as secure but really helps with on/off ability without having to draw.

Mr. Bill:
This is tricky.  You're going to need a routine that prevents you from ever forgetting to disarm.  And also a way to do it that won't cause somebody outside your car to panic and call 911.

I need to figure this out for myself, just because I stop at the Post Office almost every time I leave my home.  In the past, I've put my gun in a locked case in the back of my car before arriving at the PO, and then retrieved it at my next stop.  This is a pain -- and, to be honest, I'm not certain whether it's legal to have a gun in a locked case in the PO parking lot.

Ankle holster

The Professor:
Another option is a paddle holster.  As long as you have a decent belt, it shouldn't be a problem

I have two Galco paddle holsters. High quality and they look great.

As to the handgun?  Whatever you feel comfortable with.

I would also suggest a lockable box in your vehicle.

The Professor


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