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Hand Gun or Shotgun or Rifle?

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Ok background on what I have so far;

I have a break barrel 20. gauge shotgun, .22 LR Ruger, and a .22 revolver Ruger. I didn't know which is the best way to go with this.


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For what use ?

You have a good start. I wouldn't get rid of any of them.   :D

I'm not really certain what question you have.  If you are planning on using what you have to introduce a beginner to shooting. I'd start with a rifle in .22lr.  Sight alignment is easier to teach with a long sight radius and you won't start them off building up a flinch as they may develop shooting the shotgun first.  Muzzle control and discipline is easier to teach and reinforce with a long gun than with a handgun for the beginning shooter, IMO.

I so do go deer hunting with my shotgun. So for use I would have to say for hunting larger game, and in DE that would be White Tail. At the same time DE is trying to make it very hard for people to get hand guns. So I was thinking of something for open carry. I can only get one for now till I save up again. No debt in this household.


Since HGs may be harder to obtain in the future, I might go that route. Keeping the deer hunting angle, mixed with open carry, I might look at a larger caliber HG that you can get in a rifle later.  Something like .357, 44-40, or .45LC.  I'm partial to a cowboy setup myself (revolver and lever action rifle), but this can be had in other pistol cartridges too. 


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