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When making the choice to carry be aware of the possible ramifications and costs!

A mistrial was declared Friday in a Texas case against a soldier carrying his assault rifle on a hike, in a proceeding that was being closely watched by gun-rights advocates.

The Professor:
A mistrial is not a victory. Sorry.

He can be retried.

I suggest everyone go to that link, though, and watch the original video.  It is unfortunate we don't have the initial interaction on tape, but just listen to the cops on the video.

"We are exempt from the law."

No, they're not.

I hope Mr. Grisham either gets his trial and is found not guilty or has it dismissed.  THAT would be a victory.

The Professor

He was convicted in the retrial and was given a $2,000 fine. Unreal:

From what I hear of attorneys posting on other forums, his mistake was struggling with the officer. Even if the police are in the wrong, the time to resist is not at the point of detention, but in court.  If he had verbally protested but physically complied he may have been able to file a suit for misconduct or illegal detention/search or something.  But as soon as he started resisting physically he got into trouble.

Canadian Prepper:
NWPilgrim makes a good point.

Just a few days ago we had a police officer found guilty under the Police Act of misconduct for the wrongful arrest of a citizen during the 2010 G20 Summit in Toronto. The officer claimed to be under orders to arrest anyone wearing a bandana (potential mask) and picked up someone a good distance away from the protests who had nothing to do with them. He cooperated fully and took them to task after the fact. The police settled out of court for $25 000 about a year or two later and proceeded to investigate the officer. We're awaiting the decision on the officer's fate but its obviously not looking good for him.


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