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Liberty Ammunition - Anyone tried it???


Liberty Ammunition. I just heard about this mfr on a podcast over the weekend:

They claim their 78gr .45acp sails out at 1900 fps.  I think that almost double the typical fps.  They say their 9mm in 50gr is over 2000 fps.  That's pretty damn impressive.  Has anyone bought/shoot any of this let?

I have not fired any of this yet.  I have read several reviews from experienced firearms folks.  Most of the reviews are less than impressive.

David in MN:
1900 fps in .45? A fragmenting round with deep penetration? Less recoil?

I'm not calling shenanigans yet but this seems like more of a sales pitch than a product. The only ammo I've seen that lets you know you don't need to modify your pistol to shoot it. Why would you need to advertise that?

It could be that they have mastered some combination of whizbang new metals and perfectly optimized powder. I'm just not ready to bet on it yet.

It slices. it dices...

Interesting concept, but I'll stick with bonded HP ammo for now that has a proven track record.  I'd like to see how this performs over the next few years.  Just seems that bullets that light are not going to perform well in the real world with clothing, fat or heavily muscled people, ribs, barriers, etc.

They claim great accuracy at 50 yds, but it has horrendous ballistic coefficient.  From the shape and weight it must be basically a full HP jacket with a very light compressed material (powdered metal?) core.

I don't see anything it does that a Gold Dot or PDX bullet won't do as well or better (except fragment and not sure that is an advantage).

The guy who taught my CCW certification class recommended this ammo. His reasoning is that it's unlikely to punch all the way through an attacker and hit someone on the other side, unlike most modern hollow points which are designed to meet the FBI standard penetration depth of 12-18 inches (minimum & maximum) through various barriers.

Based on the few gel tests I've been able to find on the Internet, Liberty ammo will probably not over penetrate. My concern is of it UNDER penetrating. What if your attacker is turned at an angle? What if his arms are in front of him, holding a weapon? What if he's really fat or really muscular? What if you manage to slip into the realm of unlikely statistics and have to shoot through a car door or windshield?

I think that if you carry a gun because you want to be prepared for a worst-case scenario, you should also make ammunition choices that will perform under worst-case conditions.


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