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Finding Used Guns In My Area


I want to pick up a shotgun and am interested in used to save money.  However I really cannot find a good listing of individuals that have guns for sale in my area.  Anyone that can point me in a good direction I would be grateful.

I'm looking for a 12 gauge pump for me to deer hunt and a 20 gauge single shot for my son if that makes a difference.

You can try online like places, they have listings for every state. The best places for cheap shotguns are pawn shops by far, they always mark the price up allot for haggling. I got an old Winchester 1200 pump for $120 they had $200 on the tag, I traded in a old drill plus the $120. Otherwise look at gun shows if you got them around you, usually you'll find guys with 30 or more shotguns and just ask if they have anything for your budget...that works good too

I've hit all the pawn shops nearby and they had next to nothing when it came to guns.  Maybe I'm just going to the wrong one.

Different parts of the country have different supply and demand situations.

There are internet listings and on line firearms auctions, but you will need help from a local FFL holder for proper shipping.

There are a lot of excellent economical firearms available new from various internet retailers and firearms often hold value to the point that buying new is preferable.  You get a warranty and assurance that the firearm is not stolen or other nonsense.

You can normally find a small dealer that will accept internet deliveries for you for a small fee, run the paperwork and take care of all issues. 

theBINKYhunter: has auctions that you can check out, and you can check the listings in your area, granted those prices are usually inflated to a stupid level but you may find something. backpage is a lot like craigslist, except that it's mostly used for guns and spamming penis enlargement pills.


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