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New owner needs advice on maintainence

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--- Quote from: Lifeon2whls on August 08, 2013, 03:49:10 PM ---Also, make sure you have this stuff BEFORE you pick up the gun. Being your first gun, I'm sure you'll want to run right out and shoot it so make sure you have supplies because when you buy it, you will need to clean and lube it before you take it out. Find a good video on youtube that teaches how to strip the pistol down. It's good for you to know your gun and all the internal parts, how they work, etc.

--- End quote ---

Well, it's my father bringing it up and I know my wife would KILL me if I left her home with my parents while I go have fun. My dad and I may go to the range at some point when things slow down.

I believe the SR22 is a copy of the Walther P22 which I have owned for some time, Looks like Ruger made some improvements, like the sights so that's shouldn't lose yours.

The only downfall I found with mine is when you have to do a really deep cleaning, .22LR can be dirty and the aluminum receiver sits in the plastic frame and I had to remove mine. The rolled spring pins are a pain to get out and in and you risk breaking things. I did it once but I don't think I'll do it again, best to use compressed air if you got it.

As for normal maintenance, it's pretty easy to clean... I would clean mine every 150-200 rounds after that the residue builds up and the slide will not function properly or the rounds will FTF, fail to feed. I mostly shot CCI standard velocity or Subsonic...w/ my suppressor....very fun and quiet enough for suburban living ;D

BTW, Ruger has a disassembly video on their website...Have fun and be safe

Gulo gulo:
+1for bore snake! Got my first one in the army cuz I was tired of using 100+ patches to clean out the barrel. I have one for every gauge and caliber I own. They're great!

No need to get fancy.

A basic kit add Q-tips and a can of CLP and a silicone rag.

Any opinions on Ballistol? Seems to have a cult like following. If it works as well as the cult says, sounds like something to have on hand.


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