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New owner needs advice on maintainence

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While I've shot lots of other people's guns in my life, I've never owned one myself and so I've never needed to maintain one. I'm getting a Ruger SR22 handgun in a few weeks. What would you recommend to someone just starting out in terms of supplies?

You can buy some great premade gun cleaning kits at Wal Mart for around 30 bucks that will get you started and from there you just replace as you use stuff up.  These are universal kits and will work for many guns if you get the bug like most people and can't stop at just one.  If you don't want to buy a universal kit to start with I recommend the following

cleaning rod
cleaning tip for your caliber (just the tip to push the swab thru with, don't need a wire tip for a new gun but if used may    want one to clean out any old residue, if cleaned regularly as a gun owner you shouldn't need one ever if gun bought new)
gun oil
cleaning solvent (I use Hoppe's #9 gun bore cleaner purchased at Wal Mart)
gun oil
cotton swabs

There are great videos on you tube on how to clean any gun I have purchased so go there and watch to fill in anything else you may need or want and also to see how to clean the gun.

get an old shirt or two to wipe it down with and oil it up. i have an old rag that i put a little oil on every now and then and wipe down the guns when i put them in the safe. helps to keep them looking nice and protect the finish.

q-tips are amazing at getting into small spaces to clean out stuff.

also a set up gun picks (like the dentist has) make for good detailing.

A bore snake (I use it at the range before packing up for the day)
A cleaning rod
A patch loop
A jag (no one uses jags anymore, they're freaking awesome..)
A bore brush
A nylon brush for scrubbing
A bronze brush for scrubbing
A solvent (Hoppes 9)
An oil (motor oil, CLP, anything.  I like CLP for my bores)*
A grease (red lithium wheel bearing grease works great)*
Lots of q tips
A silicon cloth if you want it to look petty

*I use cheap oil/grease on range only guns.  I use SLIP2000 on guns I carry.
*Rule of thumb is you put oil on things that rotate and grease on things that slide.

Also, make sure you have this stuff BEFORE you pick up the gun. Being your first gun, I'm sure you'll want to run right out and shoot it so make sure you have supplies because when you buy it, you will need to clean and lube it before you take it out. Find a good video on youtube that teaches how to strip the pistol down. It's good for you to know your gun and all the internal parts, how they work, etc.


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