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Any lefty semiauto long-gun shooters out there?

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I'm looking for some ideas of the pros/cons of what you leftys are shooting with as far as long-guns like the AR or AK etc., etc. or lefty-friendly accessories for them.   I'm pretty experienced with being a left shooter using handguns and shotguns, but I'm wondering what are some of the better choices taking my "lefty-cap" into consideration.     

I am a lefty long gun shooter, but an ambidextrous pistol shooter.  As for long guns, I have an AR, and I have mainly adjusted the set up (like putting my flashlight switch on the right hand side).  The only real adjustment I have made is putting an ambidextrous safety on it.  I ordered one online (Battle Arms Brand sold by Arms Unlimited on Amazon) and it was really easy to install and works great. 

I would also like some suggestions on other lefty accessories, so thanks for starting the post!!!

I shoot competitively and am a lefty and there's really not any handicap.  Weapon manipulation is more about learning where things are and training your body to go to those places when needed. 

From a rifle perspective the only customizations I'd recommend are:
- An ambi selector switch the BAD ASS is the best that's out there, but there's other options out there for under $30. 
- An ambi mag release, like the norgon, is very helpful and $80 well spent. 
- I have found that an oversized charging handle latch, like the PRI Big latch is great too.  Since you'll be working the charging handle by hooking your trigger finger the extra surface area really comes in handy.  Don't buy one of those goofy giant square ones, they just clutter everything up, cloud your visual area and get snagged on stuff.

Other than that, what BamaPrepper said was right on.  Get your rifle setup optimized for you is key with your flashlight mount on the right, sling attachments on the left.

From the pistol angle, there's no handicap what so ever.  I've found manipulating the mag release with my trigger finger to be better than having to move it to the other side to manipulate with my thumb.

In my Lefty opinion the AK type rifle was made for lefties.

You rack the slide with your right hand
Change mags right hand

This allows you to always keep your left hand on the grip where it should be.

UZI is same way

i've simply learned to operate the firearms with my left hand.  exception has been bolt guns.  Left Hand bolts are available and i buy them.  Auto pistols I hit the magazine release with my left index finger as well as the slide release.  wheel guns left index as well. 



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