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Glock 19 and 26 Holster recommendations?

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Doc K:
So I've been a gun owner for a number of years, but I am just now getting my CC.
I would like to purchase a holster for CC for my Glock 19 and 26 - not to be worn at the same time :) and, unfortunately, not to be worn while I am not in the U.S.

Here's the dilemma... I live overseas right now and can't "try them on", but I would like to get something to have on hand just in case. When I am living in the U.S. again and can carry on a regular basis, then I will really be able to find a holster I really like.

But, if I can get it right on the first try, then that will be great.

Any suggestions?

Doc K

I carry a Glock 19 almost daily. I've tried a couple different holsters and the one I've settled on is the  black mamba CE from  Is an inside the waistband holster and is incredibly comfortable.  Use code GUNDUDES and you'll get $10 off.  They're turnaround time and customer service is the best I've found, much better than crossbreed.

Cooter Brown:
IWB - Crossbreed Supertuck.,ProductName

OWB - Raven Concealment Phantom.

Haven't tried the Raven Vanguard 2 yet but I plan to.

Here's a second for Crossbreed Supertuck if you're looking for IWB. 

Never was a fan of IWB carry- the only gun INSIDE my pants is what I was born with...
If you are of the same mind, Id suggest Galco's leather goods as a consideration, when you can try them out.
I concealed-carried both the G19&G17 in their Concealable rig and their SOB on a sturdy belt.
Yes, often had BOTH on at the same time as its faster to draw a backup than reload your main gun
Lets not discuss wearing them both and a shoulder rig AND ankle rig (that may just be paranoia?)

My SOB was for G19 but the G17s longer muzzle length was OK as it was open ended (new ones may NOT be?)
The open-top Concealable was G17 but the shorter G19 would sit in it just fine if it had to
I can hear the "NOOO!" chorus already singing about "no-retention-straps" as well as "kidney/spinal damage risk"
The G19/G26 should work similarly as the 2 "big brothers" 17/19 did- but verify the current construction (mine are vintage 90s)
Definitely consider these ONLY after you have tried them out yourself, much like shoes- they gotta fit right the first time...


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