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What are your four? and advice on my choices...

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My four would be (that I already own):
Henry Repeating .22lr
Remington 870
Beretta 92FS

I know that the 10/22 is preferred by most people, but I honestly think that a Henry lever-action suits my purposes better....I just love the reliability and accuracy of that rifle.

My list is 5 not 4 too

Sig 1911 C3 - .45
Ruger 10/22 Stainless - .22
AR-15 - 5.56
Mossberg 590 - 12g
Remington 700 - .308

If I could only have two, I'd go with a .357 revolver/lever gun combo.

However, we still have choices in this arena.

Kahr K9 (small enough to conceal, cheap enough to practice with, and powerful enough to protect)
Mosin Nagant 91/30 (I've got several tins of surplus ammo, it is my preferred deer rifle, and I can hit man-sized targets with iron sights out to 600 yards ... and if I run out of ammo it's a damn good spear or war club)
Mossberg 500 12 gauge (versatile ammo choices from bird to buck to slugs)


--- Quote from: Sprunch on February 08, 2013, 03:44:03 PM ---My question is, would a 357 Lever action be a good choice? or should l roll a 30.06? Would be more of my longer range gun.
--- End quote ---

Sorry it took me so long to get back to your question after throwing up my four (actually 6).  My opinion pretty much aligns with endurance's OP.  I too don't see the point of running with .357 in a rifle.  I'm guessing that you're trying to utilize one caliber in to both rifle and hand gun?  That's cool, but we're not in the old west anymore and we have a lot better choices to choose from.  If you want to combine calibers I suggest you do that when you get to the point that you have multiple rifles (ie .308 caliber in lever, semi-auto, and bolt), but I wouldn't even do that until you define the purpose in which to use it.  Unless you're seeing your future and think that you will be on foot or horse back for days on end, limited by the amount of ammo you can pack on your back, I would pick a handgun the best suited my needs and a rifle that best suited my needs, separately.

Sorry, I digress. 

Your question was, "would a 357 Lever action be a good choice? or should l roll a 30.06?"  Well, if this helps, I own a lever action .30-30 and darn glad I do (will never get rid of it and may even buy another some day) but it sits in the back of the safe.  I rarely use it.  Meaning, I've got other rifles that I either enjoy shooting more or they are more effective in my intended use, or both.  Generally speaking, all my other rifles can do what my lever action .30-30 can do and so much more.  As another example, and if your just wanting to go with a "lever" action, my wife runs a BLR in .308 for deer hunting and she loves it.  It's great for short range and long range.  And it shares calibers with many of my other rifles (I always have ammo).  On the other hand, if you ride a fence line a lot, or hunt horse back, a lever action .30-30 might be perfect tucked nicely in that scabbard.

.30-06 would be tits too, but I would run that in a bolt action.  On that note, out of all the rifles I own, I don't own a single .30-06.  I guess I never saw the point, but that's just me.

Wish list:
  1- FN Five-seven or Wilson Combat .45ACP
  2-Marlin m60 but a Ruger 10/22 would be nice
  3-Benelli M4 w/ 18.5"   ;D
  4-Rem. 700SPS in .300WM
  5-FN FAL


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