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Used Marlin Model 60: Worth $100?

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Hey all,

I'm looking to buy my first rifle, and I'm highly interested in a pawn shop special. The gun cost $100, and they had a cheap 4x scope for $20. I asked the guy if he'd take any less for the both of them, and he said he could do $100 all told. My simple question is: do you think it's worth it?

Here's what I know about the gun:

Marlin Model 60 with a wood stock, 14 (I think) round tubular magazine. It has some cosmetic flaws on the stock, but the barrel looks pretty good. The chamber shows some signs of wear, but all parts seem to be in working order.

The guy told me if I took it to the range and there was a problem I could return it no problem.

It seems like a good deal to me, and I think I'm gonna move forward unless there is something I don't know about that should give me pause. Does it sound like a good deal? What do I need to be paying extra close attention to when reexamining the gun on Monday?

Thanks in advance for any and all commentary!

I would go for it, especially with the return promise.

Go for it! I love my model 60! I bought mine used about 8 years ago and have put a few thousand rounds through it with no problem. Check the barrel for any pitting or rust, minor signs aren't a problem as long as you take care of it. Make sure to check the crown for any major damage. The bluing may have come off a little from use but it's nothing to be too concerned about as long as you keep up good cleaning practices.

How do I check for pitting or rust? That hole is small, and I don't really know what I'm looking for. . .


--- Quote from: TooMuchGlass on January 19, 2013, 12:34:34 PM ---How do I check for pitting or rust? That hole is small, and I don't really know what I'm looking for. . .

--- End quote ---
open the chamber, shine a flashlight into the chamber, look down the barrel for pitting or rust.


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