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Beginner AR15

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Rear sight, two-point sling, white light.....


--- Quote from: GodFearingMan on January 14, 2013, 07:36:34 PM ---Do you have one of the insets for it that holds batteries or a bolt? Also I am thinking about replacing the gas block with one that has a rail, is this difficult? I don't like seeing the front sight through the red dot

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It has an insert but I don't have anything in it... my range bag has all my replacement stuff, and the range bag is always with me... but that's just me.

Replacing the gas block is an easy job.

You can go crazy with mod's and attachments on an AR, whatever you do to the rifle, make sure it has a purpose and that it works for it's purpose...

Definitely will check out the ms3 sling and rear sight is number one on the list.  Do you guys know if any light can be mounted using the MOE scout mount from magpul and if so some light recommendations? I don't want to spend a ton on a light but I also want something that will last.

Congratulations on your first AR. Now the next question...... got mags?

Ha I got 1 windowed pmag and I'm lookin for more pmags but don't want to spend $50 each on them. It sounds like a guy at my local church has some USGI ones that I can get at a fair price. Any good places to check to get some?


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