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--- Quote from: windchill on February 10, 2014, 07:02:56 PM ---Our federal reserve notes don't buy what they used to. I'm just thankful that it's back on the shelves right now and priced as low as what I can find it online. The .gov thinktank should adopt a newfangled caliber service rifle and let the 5.56 go the way of surplus ammo, so we can pick it up for a nickel a round.

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I agree.  I continue to wonder why the military has not converted to the 6.8 SPC.  From my understanding, it is about the same size, but the 6.8 packs much more energy.  But this would be another post altogether.

What works for you, and your situation, may be completely different than what works for me. My AR-15 is used for multiple roles, and I think it is set up very well. The primary underlying use is defense. It leans against the wall, locked and loaded, for home defense, I use it hunting coyotes, and even deer during years when the coyote population is high and they are feeling froggy. I use it occasionally for work. I'm a deputy sheriff who is also on the SRT team as a sniper, so I am issued a sniper rifle (rem 700p), but I am also a back up entry team member. However, I am not issued an AR by my agency (yet) so I use my personal AR while deploying on the entry team, instead of my issued patrol rifle (mini-14).

When I originally purchased my AR, the old assault weapons ban was still in effect. It was a bushmaster with a2 upper receiver, fixed stock, and a 14.5 inch heavy contour barrel with a permanently attached ak-74 style muzzle break. First thing I changed was I purchased a flat top upper from rock river and switched that out. Then as soon as the ban ended, I put a collapsible stock on it. This made it for the most part like your rifle. Then I switched the front sight post for a folding front sight/ gas block made by Yankee machine and tool, and put a magpul buis rear sight, and an eotech  Holographic sight. A quad rail forearm, blackhawk pistol grip, and foregrip. A single point sling with the appropriate receiver end plate. The most recent change has been the addition of an eotech 3x magnifier in an a.r.m.s. flip to the side mount.

I have also built up a good supply of mags, both p-mags and recently produced mil-spec mags, and ammo. I feel I have plenty of mags, but not ammo.

I prefer 75gr hornady tap, and steel match for deer and coyotes, 62gr fmj for everything else, except work, where I have to use issued ammo, which is federal TRU, 55gr SP.


--- Quote from: 5.56 on July 12, 2013, 09:32:47 PM ---A few thoughts for you;

1. If you're new to AR's (which I'm assuming you are) spend some money and get some training. Doesn't need to be Travis Haley, but for the price of some farkles you can be in a good class.

2. Shoot the heck out of that thing before you start messing with it. I've had friends who are new to AR's who can't tell the difference (shooting) between a new Colt for $800 and my Noveske LoPro with a Gisley trigger for $2,500. Why? Because they have no experience to base their opinions on. So put a few thousand rounds thru it and then start making some changes based on your needs, not your wants.

3. What will you use it for? Home defense? It needs a light. Plinking? Range time 2-3 times annually? Your intended use will lead you in the direction that you should end up moving with that rifle.

4. Buy mags and ammo, but don't get ripped off. Here is a deal on PMAGS for less than $12 each and they're in stock.

Lastly, enjoy that thing!!!!

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The OP is over a year old. Wonder what he decided.


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