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Just got an AR15, finally! I was wondering if there are any must have upgrade? I am looking to get a flip up rear sight, (leaning towards the magpul sights) a good sling but I am unsure what kind I want/need, and obviously I need lots of ammo to practice with :). I can't find ammunition anywhere is my biggest problem. Any suggestions on where and what to get would be appreciated thanks.


--- Quote from: GodFearingMan on January 14, 2013, 06:19:41 PM ---Just got an AR15, finally! I was wondering if there are any must have upgrade?

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Ammo and lots of it. Otherwise you have an expensive club.

Right now considering the political climate finding quantity at a good price is right out the door. You will pay and you will pay dearly for delaying.

As for sources.

Or you can try your local gun show or Cabela (and the like)

How far do you want to go.  :D AR furniture and accessories are endless.

Here's a starting list, none are must have's, except the BUIS rear sight.

Magpul MOE+ Grip (very comfortable, and I prefer the non finger groove.
Magpul BUIS Rear flip up sight or the ARMS BUIS rear flip up, whatever you can find.
Your handguard can take an accessory rail and you can mount up a weapon mounted light of some sort
Mags and ammo... and don't be afraid of metal mags... they've been in use for decades.
Trigger? Oh, there are a ton of options there if you don't like the trigger, drop ins and custom fits.
22 conversion setup for the AR15... not as accurate as a dedicated .22 but for practice can be a good investment, especially if ammo is a $1/round.  ::)

I think the 2 point is your best option for starting with. There are super fancy multipoint, complicated, gee whiz slings... and super simple single point slings, but IMHO those are for advance work and application of the rifle. For the most part, you probably won't even need the sling unless your porting it around or using it for a shooting aid.

Thanks for the links cmxterra, looks like both those sights are out of stock, got any others you would recommend.

@luvmy45 thanks for the suggestions I was leaning towards the two point sling and I definitely want to replace the grip with the MOE+ grip.
Do you have one of the insets for it that holds batteries or a bolt? Also I am thinking about replacing the gas block with one that has a rail, is this difficult? I don't like seeing the front sight through the red dot

I would really start with a rear sight as the first purchase.  I cherish iron sights to I'm personally okay with spending > $100 on a rear sight if it's the right one for me but I see nothing wrong with polymer rear BUIS if money is tight.  Pick up some other rifles with different rear sights and see which one works best for you.

Next would be ammo and time at the range.  Ammo is expensive and scarce now so this is probably a perfect time to work on your long range skills.  Take your time and practice the fundamentals.

After that I would recommend a sling.  I have to admit that I've only ever owned the Magpul MS3 sling but I love it.  It's a single point that converts into a 2-point sling in an instant (with the proper attachment on the forend of the rifle.  It's low cost and works great.

I shoot IDPA competition and I've always found that putting on an aftermarket rubber type grip helped me handle the rifle a little better.  This was a great $20 investment.


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