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If it comes to a situation where you want to be the survivor, please consider caliber:


One of my most liked studies.  It reinforces my belief.  The purpose of a handgun is to defend yourself on your way to getting your rifle.

Jack did an entire show on the stopping power of various handgun rounds.  I think this one may be it. 

Episode-855- Understanding Caliber, Millimeter, Gauges and Ballistics

Not sure if I found this here or just randomly browsing but this is the perspective of caliper from an anesthesiologist.

 The short of it, handguns don't kill people but 1 in 6 times and high powered rifles kill more often due to fragmentation. The video has some graphic video and pictures so be careful if your squeamish or at work ^_^

There is a reason police keep firing till the threat isn't presented any more. It isn't uncommon to put 5 or more rounds in someone  before they stop being a threat. Makes you really think about how the media reports police incidents where the officer shot the suspect multiple times.

To me the study is less about caliber than it is about the relative ineffectiveness of all handguns.  If you fire, expect to fire a second or third time to achieve an effect.  Don't assume it's just like Hollywood and the guy is just going to drop with the first shot.

It also humors me to no end the arguments between the 9mm camp and the .40 S&W camp when you look at a study like this.  The differences are statistically meaningless in the big picture.


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