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I live in Canada and have just recently gotten my Possession and Acquisition License (firearms license) and my Uncle had saved two rifles for me the two rifles are a Lee-Enfield and a .22 rifle not sure what model as he hasn't delivered it yet. I don't plan on getting the third gun immediately but I would like to have plenty of time to look at different makes and models before I buy one of them. And if you have advice on a particular make or model I would greatly appreciate it.

What will your main use of the third gun be?  The answer to that will help us, help you.

Based on what you have given us so far, here are two points of advice I commonly give:

(1) A shotgun is one of the best weapons for home defense and is also one of the most versatile guns for hunting.   You can hunt everything from birds to large game.

(2) When it comes to handguns, I always advise folks to get a .22 first and learn to shoot it well.  This allows you to learn to shoot well and not develop bad habits.  It also allows you to get more practice in when you move up to a larger round.  The .22 is cheaper to shoot and you will fatigue less with it, so more practice.

I am planning on starting hunting, I would like a home defense weapon and I would like to use a handgun more often than once a year which is about how often we hold a range and do a live fire with a Browning Hi-Power. I don't actually know anyone who hunts but i do know a couple people who own shotguns and rifles and just use them at a range. So I'd like to get a handgun because I enjoyed shooting it the couple times that I have.  I'd like a shotgun because I'd like a home defense weapon, I'd also like to go hunting birds and see if the dog I got from the breeder is any good for hunting. And I have one other question is a Lee-Enfield a decent hunting rifle?

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