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California CCW: Anyone got one?

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I just completed my first renewal, which must be done 45-90 days prior to expiration, and got the new 2 year card in the mail this weekend.  Not as painful as the initial, but still not easy.  Cost was about $125 and a mandatory afternoon class, plus fill out the entire application form including the statement of need and go through a mini interview with a deputy.  Didn’t have to qualify at the range, though, since I didn’t change the three guns on my card.  Adding or switching a gun requires a range day for weapon inspection and qualifying, and the changes can only be made at renewal time.

The number of CCW holders in my county is over 8500 and the sheriff has four deputies doing background investigations full time, and it sounds like the sheriff’s commitment to the CCW program remains strong.

 When I applied for my CPL here in MI I also had to have two reverance's. I put down my son and wife. the cleric looked at my wife and said " and how did your husband treat you on Christmas ".


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