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Best shell for shotgun HD!

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Ok so my father in law said using a birdshot in a HD situation would be the best because he heard it on TV or from another source I believe. I thought about just using buckshot or a mix of buck/slugs even. But when he said birdshot I got to thinking yeah that would work in a HD situation it would be VERY close range more then likely unless it was downstairs even at that range its pretty close so the birdshot pattern would be tight and do some damage.

I need some more thoughts about this. Its not my only HD weapon but its a great one.

Maybe some #4 turkey load? It is still bird shot right?

I have a single shot 410 with my wife back in the old apartment with a slug in the chamber. But nearby is a bucket with a mixture of bird and more slugs for her. So who knows what's coming down the pipe next.

Right now we are between houses so my home defense is a s&w m&p 9mm with hollow points.

I had to leave her with something so I left her with something she knows better.

I multi load my magazine. a couple of each.#4 buck then 00 buck then slugs.then more of the same on the side saddle.

This is what makes a pump shotgun so great.  You can load another type of shell before you empty the magazine.

Mine starts with four #4s, two 00s and then a slug.

I have four more #4s in the side saddle and two Winchester PDX1s.  In the Speed-feed stock I have two more slugs and two more PDX1s.

I do have some copper solids around but I haven't added them to the ride-along ammo yet.

Oh, to answer the OPs actual question.  I would think that at HD ranges (10-15 feet?) 7.5 BS is going to at least make them think twice about continuing in your general direction if not put a good sized hole in them.  But I would run #4 at a minimum to be on the safer side. 


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