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"Women And Guns"

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All I know is after a few instructions on firing a handgun EphemeralJoy put a bullet dead center on a target at 12 yards.  :o

Steve Cover:

--- Quote from: Spamity Calamity on January 30, 2010, 09:02:26 PM ---Awww I was hoping this thread was about pictures of women with guns.   ;)
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Is this what you had in mind?

This is a real Air Force sniper, quite a story about this picture.....


 My wife loves to shoot. When we first started dating, i took her shooting and started her with a .22 Colt Frontier Scout, Ruger MK2, and 20ga Benelli Montefeltro. She took to it like a pro, and now has her own Walther TPH, Colt Commander, and has taken the Benelli as her own. She's still afraid of the 10ga double barrel though, lol.

 The best female shooting story I can remember was my ex sister in law. She had always wanted to shoot but never did. I took her to my parents and let her shoot the Coonan .357 semi I had at the time. I never thought about it at the time, but she was blind in one eye since age 6 and didn't have any dominant eye problem. I let her shoot a few cans then tacked up a paper target. At around 20 feet the grouped the first 3 within 1"! What a natural.

Morning Sunshine:

--- Quote from: Steve Cover on February 01, 2010, 01:42:15 AM ---Is this what you had in mind?

This is a real Air Force sniper, quite a story about this picture.....


--- End quote ---

I want the story.....  i like stories  :)

Husband decided I needed to conceal carry a while back (mind you - I am no longer a spring chicken by any means!  :D)  Taught me with a pistol he had and I was okay good with it. Took a concealed carry class - bought a little featherweight S&W .38+P.  THEN I took an essential pistol class.  OH MY!  The instructor (who was trained by Jeff Cooper himself! and an awesome teacher) picked on me the whole time (nicely - I think I reminded him of his mom!)  After 1/2 days practice I could outdraw all but one guy there (less than 1 second) and shoot with deadly accuracy. I hit a metal silhouette target at 50 yds. with my little gun (could barely see the target!). AND I can double tap perfectly!  One of the instructors told my husband who was watching that he wouldn't ever want to meet me in a dark alley as I scared the hell out of him. SO yeah you guys better be nice as us old ladies may be your BUG someday!

AND I BELIEVE THAT EVERY LAW ABIDING FEMALE (AND MALE!) SHOULD GET THEIR CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT AND CARRY A GUN EVERY WHERE IT'S LEGAL.  I believe it would send a message to our lawmakers and our criminals.  I also believe if you are going to own and carry guns you need to practice with them, take lessons with them (yeah even you guys can learn something unless you are already a trained firearms instructor) and have safe places to keep them (locked storage). Ah - I find I am ranting passionately about my beliefs again.  Time for another cup of coffee.  Blessings friends. 


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