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I would like you opinion on cross draw.

  For strong or weak hand?

  Nice for inside the car. Bill Jordon did not like them for law enforcement because they present the grip to whoever your facing. Think body type and what rig doesn't cause back pain.

It's for the strong hand. As a former military cop the cross draw just seemed natural. With the holster on the hip, with a straight draw, the holster sets high and to draw the handgun you have to go even higher to clear the holster.  With the cross draw its just a straight pull and a fast turn and you're on the target.

I use a cross draw holster for carrying my revolver with a 6inch barrel in the woods.  I don’t like it for concealed self defense purposes.  Someone in front of you has better access to your pistol that you do.  The draw with a cross draw holster is easily jammed.

I would recommend using an apendix carry or strong side carry for defensive purposes.


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