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Sig Sauer Mosquito


I am having a problem with my mosquito.  I load a round, fire, the round is ejected and a new one is loaded BUT when I pull the trigger it doesn't go off.  I can open the slide and rotate the round and sometimes it will fire and sometimes not. What is my problem?

Jack Crabb:
With different brands of ammo, or all the same stuff?

 1 When it does not fire ,is the round well struck?

2  Is their an indentation (from the firing pin) in the chamber rear(this causes a burr that can also interfere with firing)

3  Sometimes I find excessive dirt build up in front (bullet end) of the chamber from lack of proper cleaning that "CUSHIONS" the shell

4  Not enough lubrication

5  ammo poor or too thick at casing

6  Magazine bent and causing poor or incomplete feeding

7  May be weak hammer spring ?

Usually 3 - 6 - or 2  in that order

I have one and it's finiky on cheep ammo.
Put a drop of oil on the top round of every full mag.

From talking to other shooters I have come to the conclusion that it is the ammo.  I plan on going out today and buy 50 rounds of CCI or CCI Stingers and when the weather warms a bit I will run some tests. After the ammo shortage not long ago I think that the manufacturers started bulk manufacturing but on a cheaper scale.


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