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Smurf Hunter:
I think I own all of Grant Cunningham's books. 

 I so wish I had recorded my face to face chats with Elmer Keith and Jim Clark SR from the past ,those two men were royalty in the gun world and I did not recognize it ,at the time. Elmer Keith's book HELL,I WAS THERE would be at home in any revolver users book shelf.

I learned about Elmer and his role in the development of the .44 mag after I bought my first one (customized 4" Redhawk from a dentist who fished in Alaska and after a Kodiak encounter decided .44 wasn't big enough!).  I was excited to learn Elmer lived in Salmon, ID as I had an uncle who lived there a long time in the 1950s-late 1970s.  So next time I was over there to visit I anxiously asked him if he knew Elmer, thinking the he also being a avid hunter and reloader they may have talked a lot about guns and cartridges.  Instead, my uncle huffed, "Can't stand that bastard."  Not a word more.  Didn't diminish my respect for Elmer's contributions but he may not have been the easiest person to know. Of course, some say the same abut my uncle...

  He was one crusty old man. I bought one of his books that he signed while sharing lunch at a downtown eatery. He had little time for most people.

Based on reading "Sixguns", I'd guess he was pretty firm in his opinions and not shy about stating what they were.


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