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--- Quote from: Carl on January 24, 2018, 03:15:26 PM ---  He was one crusty old man. I bought one of his books that he signed while sharing lunch at a downtown eatery. He had little time for most people.

--- End quote ---

So, Carl, since my uncle is mum on the topic... What did you talk about with Elmer, what do you think of him and what tidbits of gun lore did you pick up?  I would love to have heard such conversations!  Was this during your commercial ammo loading days or something?

 I prefer to leave this resources thread as it is and suggest people look into the purchase of some of Elmer Keith's books as great reading from the short unassuming outdoors man and father of many magnum handgun and rifle cartridges. 

OT  Because I have trouble racking the slides of my autos, I've gone back to using revolvers. Even then I must shoot them single action. I just wish they came with 3 dot sights so I could shoot them past 6 yrds. Grin. Right now I have a Taurus 605 in my front left pocket and two HK speed loaders in my watch pocket.


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