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I have a Kimber Raptor which I bought used. (The only way I could afford one)
My problem is, I load a round in the chamber, fire it and the slide locks back as if I had a empty magazine.
I enjoy shooting the gun. I just don't like having to release the slide every time.
Can you help me?


David in MN:
New mags. My Kimber is fussy. Either that or you have a worn out spring.

1st of, does this happen if someone else shoots the gun?  The reason I ask is you may be inadvertently applying pressure to the slide lock.  I've seen it happen when I worked at a gun range.
With a loaded mag in the gun and the slide locked back, pull back on the slide.  Does the lock drop down out of they way?  If not, you my have a worn/broke spring.

Remove the slide and check with a loaded magazine slid into place ...Does the projectile in the magazine tough the slide lock ? It may be an aftermarket slide stop that can be easily replaced or maybe just needing a bit ground off so the cartridge misses the slide stop but the tab on the follower still actuates the slide stop. OR even easier can be the spring between the slide stop and the safety that is weak and needs replacement as the weak spring can allow the slide stop to move in recoil...OR is your hand and improper grip causing the slide stop to actuate?

David in MN:
Great points, guys.

Another thing about the 1911 is that you really need to break it in. My Kimber had feeding and ejection issues for about 500 rounds until it loosened up and began running fine. Drove me nuts but I got good at malfunctions.

Then again, maybe we shouldn't be shooting a gun devised for the cavalry.  ;)


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