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Tricking out the G40

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Well, I did it. I bought the monster.

It should be to the FFL in a few days. The question now is: "what mods?"

As I am gonna use it primarily as a bump in the night pistol/range toy, the sky is the limit. I might try to grab a whitetail with it, too.

So I'm thinking:
1) heavy magwell
2) ghost connector + parts polish
3) fiber optic front sight. Maybe night sites on the rear?

Then again, I could slap an RMR and light on with compensator. Rowland Magnum, anyone?

LWD threaded barrel for thread-on hearing protection?  ;-)

Maybe go KKM threaded barrel as an initial step before going full Roland.  If you are going to pot bambi, the match barrel wouldn't be a bad mod.

If it's a night stand gun, a light is a must. Watch LA Police gear. In 1-6 months there will be a clearance for some sort of WML. The TLR-1s from Streamlight can be fairly cheap.

Don't forget the bayonet. I use a 9 MM long slide 19 and night sights are about all you need unless you plan to use as a house gun and I would add a TLR2 or such light so you don't shoot a family member.

The 'blade' is only my form of a joke.

Alright, so I guess no one thought my "Roland Magnum" joke was funny.

It's obviously out of alignment with the Roland Special concept. I just think it would be funny to see the massive Glock with a comp, light and RMR.

Agreed, a light and perhaps a match barrel are good ideas. I don't know about springing for the barrel, but I probably will at some point. If so, it will be threaded just for options' sake.

I like the idea of a better trigger and better sights for sure. If I didn't want to go with an electronic sight, what do you guys think you would put on one?


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