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The Roland Special: A Concept Gun

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The Roland Special Pistol Concept
Allright, if you are not a bit of a gun nerd, this will be for informational purposes only.  Do not feel this is a must have.  Apparently some of our SOF folks who were also gun nerds started it as a thought experiment, turned into an actual experiment to find a specialist application pistol and finally an exploration of what previous competition modifications could be used to increase the capability of the concealed carry duty sized pistol platform.

The Cliff Notes version (of the version in the G&A article below), is that squirrelly people from the Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG), which validates concepts and tactics techniques and procedures (TTPs) for dissemination to the force, were experimenting with a concept pistol that used the best of competition shooting features mated to a compact pistol to produce a concealable pistol capable of performing way above standard compact pistol levels in the hands of a skilled operator.  This is not something conceived of by armchair commandos or by someone who doesn’t understand the pitfalls of customization.  They are very well aware of tolerance stacking, the importance of reliability and so on.
Guns and Ammo Article:
The idea of the comp and the light minimizing muzzle climb to make it easier to keep the dot in view during recoil seems a really good idea.   While theoretically slower at closer ranges, the slide mounted red dot makes the pistol much more capable at longer ranges.  Shots become routine at distances that would take acute concentration otherwise with a pistol.

To be gauche and post a link to another forum, here is the Roland Special thread on Primary and Secondary forums:

I am faced with having most of the guns I already need and just having projects and affectations at this point.  This might end up being one.  I think I will start building one up.  I will probably start with the match barrel and comp, I already have a light (different brand but whatever).  I am still batting around whether to buy a whole new G19 (I has several already) or just buy a new slide for the project.  If anyone has experiences with the red dot slide mounted optics I would be interested.

Here is somebody running one in an indoor match.

Some may ask about the use of a comp from retention positions, "wont you burn yourself?"  Apparently not, NSFW.

Seems awfully complicated and expensive, a fair bit of training to use the capabilities well.   But could be fun.  A project for when I get back is to build one and try to be back into shooting shape to the point that I can take advantage of its abilities.

A Glock 43 Version for those craving even more concealable Roland Special:

Here is the Glock 43 on the left with the G19 on the right for scale.

It is certainly slimmer than the Glock 19 version.

Man is that goofy looking. Ill pass.

Mr. Bill:

--- Quote from: ncjeeper on April 04, 2017, 10:22:36 AM ---Man is that goofy looking. Ill pass.

--- End quote ---

But you will have a tactical advantage because your opponent is frozen in his tracks saying "WTF is that?"

  It may look funny but it is made to be USED and not just carried. It looks a lot like some of the guns
used by Jim Jr and Kay Clark for our weekend bowling pin matches at the range I used to work at.


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