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Kimber makes a revolver?

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David in MN:
There are those of us who prefer DAO revolvers...

I was a little curious why they didn't offer a DA/SA option. Seems like that market is pretty big. This might just be the first go. It would be interesting if Kimber decided on a strategy of offering more unusual options in the revolver category.

CPT Morgan:
My guess is that it won't last long, just like the .357 bolt gun that Ruger put out recently.

 I believe that a higher priced revolver like the Kimber has a place with quality and finish that few experienced shooters
will recognize as value as it makes for a spare parts shortage and a gun requiring much more care to keep up the looks.

I do think the "new" plastic frames on Rugers should be best avoided ,though I have seen few of them most all were experiencing
problems with timing and impressed me as not up to my idea of worthy to carry.

To be fair ,I reject Colt's Python due to the delicate trigger mechanism though it is always a good looking gun ,
just not reliable under rough conditions in my opinion.

I like Colt single action and most quality clones
       Colt 1911 and most quality clones
       Smith and Wesson most all of their revolvers
       Glock ,any of them is hard to beat
       Sigs output and quality is hard to beat ,though some part are costly
       Most any RUGER pre-plastic revolver or auto
       The 10-22 that has the plastic trigger group is also suspect ,I buy metal trigger groups froom E GUN PARTS for any in my possession (under $30)

David in MN:

--- Quote from: Jack Crabb on December 29, 2016, 10:23:58 AM ---Pass. $900 MSRP? 23 oz. empty.

Glock 43 with 6 rds loaded is just under 23 oz.

A Glock 19 empty is 23 oz. It will weigh more loaded because it carries 15 vs. 6 rounds.

.357 magnum shoots the same projectiles as .38 special. The difference between the two lies in velocity, which a 2" barrel gives up a lot. 9mm will shoot 124gr bullets about the same velocity as .357 125gr bullets in the shorter barrels. No difference.

--- End quote ---

The S&W 640 I carry weighs 22.1 ounces empty. It has an MSRP of $729. And I love that gun. If wheelguns don't work for you that's fine. But Kimber is far from outlandish where it is.

I don't like the baby autos in general. The only exception has been the XDS .45 ACP which I love. I just prefer my small guns be revolvers. And there hasn't been a lot of development there since S&W came out with the ultralight wrist breakers. So maybe Kimber has some space to play in?

That's an intriguing piece. 

Impressive to get 6 cylinder holes in a compact revolver like that. If it makes it on to the CA DOJ handgun roster I might be seriously tempted to pick one up.

And, when I grow up, I want to be hickok45!


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