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Runners running with a handgun Tips Tricks.

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Thanks Rock and Roll
I was wondering about those belly bands?
Does it move around at all?

Also as to carrying something smaller my S&W .357 Mag is only 11oz most other options I would think are not much smaller. But if anyone knows anything specific please let me know.

Thanks for the help.

A belly band or a sleeveless vest to keep the gun stable OR a bank bag/organizer pouch carried in the hand.
My state has OPEN CARRY so even a visible shoulder holster is legal...though a belly band is most secure.

Fanny pack, yo. Not even joking. It makes the most sense because it can't fall out while you're bouncing around. You can also carry other things as well. (phone, knife, etc)

Personally, I hate jogging so I wouldn't do it. But if I did, fanny pack all dayyyy.

Second the fanny pack. I bought one made for running and it wired great. Held my phone, TCP, and SAK no problem. It also had a pouch made to carry a water bottle but I ditched that as the whole load was to heavy and I ran a large circle around my house.

You can tighten it up so it doesn't bounce around and its very easy access to get to everything.

Thanks guys haven't rocked a fanny pack since my lime green parachute pants of the 90s
But hey if it works :) :)


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