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Runners running with a handgun Tips Tricks.

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Alan Georges:

--- Quote from: 9mmMaster on April 16, 2017, 05:45:17 PM ---Not a gun but just got 3 cold steel Urban Pals
It's a small but capable knife/ dagger
Light weight good for sheath
Not a bad alternate

--- End quote ---

Yes, that's been my usual solution.  Just as soon as I get back on my running...

As far as the bike goes, there are all kinds of frame-mounted bag solutions.  Different problem though, different parameters.

The pistol wear holster works great for jogging, particularly with a light gun such as a 642 j frame.

Alan Georges:
Gary Collins was on Jack's show as part of the expert council a couple of weeks ago, and was asked this same question.  His answer: fanny pack.


Josh Rand:
Thanks Guys for Information

The Professor:

--- Quote from: aBUNCHofHOOPLAH on July 02, 2016, 04:55:10 AM ---Fanny pack, yo. Not even joking. It makes the most sense because it can't fall out while you're bouncing around. You can also carry other things as well. (phone, knife, etc)

Personally, I hate jogging so I wouldn't do it. But if I did, fanny pack all dayyyy.

--- End quote ---

This. . .completely unubtrusive. Tighten it down and don't carry a full-size gun and you won't have to worry about getting. . .um. . .whacked in the hoo-hoos.

The Professor


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