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Runners running with a handgun Tips Tricks.

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So avid CCW carrier leave house gun goes on.
Also work out and run often.

But don't have a great solution.

Any one have advise?

Here is what I have found to work ok.
Running trails there there are few people.
Wear shorts that work for exorcise and have belt loops with sterdy carry belt. Wear a workout style shirt micro fiber under armor and tuck it in between skin and shirt to reduce chafing.

Also running in town I'll put a pocket size gun in a holster and run with it in my hand. Small black looks like phone or iPod.

But there should be a better way!

They have holsters that attach to your bra but...


Personally, I would likely go with some of form of self defense that isn't quite so large and heavy, unless I was going on a really long run where I would be carrying a pack anyway.  But that's me.

Jack Crabb:
take your pick

I've had good luck with a belly band. I tend to carry something small when running, for me a Kahr P380 and an extra mag or two. Conceals fine under a t shirt or even the lightweight workout shirts as long as they're not too tight. I prefer at least a tank top underneath it so it's not directly on my skin.


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