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NEW PRODUCT: DVR-01 Digital Video/Audio Recorder - Motion Activated


Digital Video/Audio Recorder - Motion Activated

The DVR-01 uses a PIR detector and a digital video recorder to record 30 seconds of video and audio every time a person or animal passes in front of the sensor. The DVR stores the video on a Micro SD card (4GB card included). Simple to use and battery operated, the camera can be set up instantly in nearly any location. Infrared operation allows the camera to operate in low light conditions.

The camera can be connected to a computer via the USB cable (included) to download the video clips with no special software required. The built in lithium battery will power the camera for up to 10 days.* Ideal for monitoring a location to see what activity occurs when you are not there.

Check out an independent review on YouTube of this product.:

Product website:

*Battery life will vary depending on number of activations. Device is not weatherproof and is designed for indoor use.

- Rob

Very interesting....I like the compactness.  When will you have it up on your site?

I found it............

You can also view the owners manual online:

- Rob


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