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I was placing an order with Murs-Radio Monday morning at 10:35 and sent a question to Rob about the order. At 10:41 (yes, 6 minutes later  :o) I got a reply with the information needed. I placed the order and it arrived today and I'm playing with my new KA1102. Thanks for the fast service and answers Rob!!

Had the same great service even after the sale - he's a keeper.

Yup GREAT service. (even if he is from Mass. ;D )


--- Quote from: hillclimber on March 26, 2010, 12:02:38 PM ---Yup GREAT service. (even if he is from Mass. ;D )

--- End quote ---

WESTERN Massachusetts!!!

My small town votes red in every election.  :P

- Rob

Wish I could say that about my town ;)

By the way, the order showed up last Saturday, and they work GREAT!!


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