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MURS for Security?

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--- Quote from: mike77 on March 06, 2011, 10:03:16 PM ---I'm not too familiar with MURS or the sensors, but using two sensors simultaneously probably won't work. At least not if they are set to the same frequency. Two transmitters on the same frequency transmitting at the same time typically will just sound distorted rather than hearing the two zone alerts separately. Now you could get the same effect by setting them to two different channels/frequencies but then you need two receivers also. At that point you could probably do two systems of four sensors each on two channels for a total of eight zones.

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That is correct. Using two sensors will cause interference with each other when they are tripped simultaneously although you probably could make out the fact that two sensors were transmitting. This would end up giving you the desired results if you needed a 5th area to monitor. Using two frequencies and two receivers would be a workaround but you would need to identify which receiver was receiving the alert. At the moment there aren't any plans by the manufacturer to upgrade the number of alert messages although that would be a nice feature to have.

- Rob


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