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New canning flats deals/buys?

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I haven't run across any deals (awesome ones) the end of last year.
Has anyone else?

I haven't seen anything either. Just checked the Fresh Preserving site yesterday, nothing there. Have you looked at Menards?

I haven't. The best deals I have found were typically in the late fall, after the big canning effort was mostly past.


--- Quote from: Redman on January 04, 2018, 03:36:49 AM --- Have you looked at Menards?

--- End quote ---

No I haven't. We're headed that direction in a couple weeks though.

My experience has also been late fall for the best buys.  It never hurts to keep an eye open, and if you are in the south now might be the best time, but in MI I think the shelves have already been cleared.


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