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Gamma Seal Lids w/6 Gal. Bucket

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Not sure if this is a good price but it's a package of 10 lids including 6 gallon bucket for each.

Morning Sunshine:
I can find gamma seals NOT ON SALE for $10 each/  I can usually find them for about $6 on sale (but I live in the Mormon Corridor where food storage is not only a way of life but a religious mandate - not a salvation issue, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).  That means you are paying $10/bucket in this set.

better price for the seals  about $8.50 per seal

I found this I posted years ago.  I like having lots of colors

Color code is good. I guess the price you feel is good depends on your location and circumstances. I can get a lid and 5 gallon food grade bucket at Home Depot for $13 and change including tax. The lid is $7.25 and the bucket and tax make up the rest. Not that great a price but I don't pay shipping and the store is 2 miles from me so actually I do pretty well all things considered.


--- Quote from: Redman on September 21, 2017, 03:16:48 AM ---Not sure if this is a good price but it's a package of 10 lids including 6 gallon bucket for each.

--- End quote ---

That is a decent price. Emergency Essentials only charges a flat rate , I forget, maybe 7.50 to ship. If you live by an Azure Standard drop spot, there is no shipping at all. Azure Standard is mostly organic groceries, but also sells Buckets, Gamma Lids, Mylar. They generally do a drop off every 4 weeks at locations along their many, many routes all over the country. SO, for me, they drop off at a grocery store parking lot every 4th Tuesday at 8am. For my daughter in another state, they drop off at a grocery store parking lot 5 minutes from her every 4th IForgetWhich day at 10am.

So, for me, Azure Standard has the best price, but you dont get to choose the gamma lid color ! (Sometimes my Azure price is different than occaisional orderers, but my price right now there is 6.45 for one gamma seal). So, I often paid a bit more so that I could color code.

And, I made a simple color code in my pantry. No mixing rings and lids, as I have less items with gamma lids. But, it is realy handy to look at the bucket area behind the door and know yellow is rolled oats, green is wheat berries, black is rice, white is salt,  orange is white flour and red is sugar. ( Blue is dog food, they also have a purple color). My beans in smaller containers. I can see the advantage in doing Morning Sunshines way with a larger family and more in large buckets that needs organiztion. While it is true that you would know, in theory, by location, sometimes people dont put things back correctly and sometimes we are in a hurry cooking, and it is nice to grab the right thing the first time !



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