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Gamma Seal Lids

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I have been using these in my panty for a few year, and some are stacked. I have had a couple lids break before, but had concluded that was due to a certain offspring using them to stand on -(dog food bucket...)- so, I replaced.

Now, I just noticed my bottom hard red wheat bucket has a broken lid, I dont know for how long. No one climbed on or did anything to them. But, This is a stack 3 buckets tall, and they are filled with red winter wheat, so they are heavy, and it is the bottom bucket lid that is broken.

Anyone have isue with lids breaking ? Maybe I overstressed by putting 2 buckets on top ? I will also see if I can ge ahold of Gamma Company, I had not seen anything about not stacking them

Morning Sunshine:
I have stacked but only two high.  The only one I had break was the one the toddlers stood on to "help" in the kitchen.  so I found something else.

Under capacity on U-LINE site stacking load is 50lbs.

MM, did you get this resolved?

Last year I had a new outer ring to crack after putting it on. Orange in color.
The seller from Amazon replaced it for me, saying they have had trouble with the orange, breaking where there was a manufacturing divet in the plastic.

Getting ready to put new lids on a couple buckets and I noticed when I removed the lid that the rings had 4 equally space teats of uneven height. Screwing the lid back in and noticed that the edge of the lid warped a little on the highest teat. I took a sharp knife and cleaned them off as well as I could and they seem to be OK now. Wonder if this could be a source of lid cracking.


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