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Where to get canning jars

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So after reading Cedar looks to have 1200 jars for canning in the next year I feel I need to stock up. Where does everyone get their jars on the cheap? We currently have about 3-400 but want way more.

I have gotten jars at Goodwill usually 0.50 per jar qt (no lids or rings) and sometimes get the 1/2 off color of the day. Sometimes Craigslist will have a good deal.

Sales at Rural King or Tractor supply when the first come out. Sometimes when the mark them down.

Every year for the last 3 years I have cashed in by getting rings and lids at Rural King and Tractor supply at the end of the season (October-November). I buy ALL on the shelf when a good deal.

Tattler sells in bulk, but having never used them hate to put the $ out for them until I try.

Can you order bulk (read as pallet) from Ball or Kerr? I may try and do a group buy.

Just looking for other options if anyone knows of any.

I would like to double or triple my canning efforts for next year.

Morning Sunshine:
When I see them on sale it is in August, and it may be 25% off.  Most of mine are from my mom, my older neighbors who are downsizing to pints, or from Freecycle.  I would guess that a bulk order would not be too useful because of the shipping charges for glass (heavy, fragile, bulky).
maybe if you have a locally owned grocery store, you could talk to the manager and see if he will do a large special order for you, and try to get a bit of a discount that way.

now I am curious about the number of jars I have.  I bottle meats and fruits.  Veggies I dry.

we do a bit of everything. We haven't started canning meat yet. I do make my own broths and can. Bumper crop of apples this year, and we have apple sauce for a while, as well as pie filling, apple sin light syrup.

We reuse opened jars and lids for refrigerator storage for a short time rather than plastic. 


--- Quote from: Morning Sunshine on October 17, 2013, 09:10:18 AM ---now I am curious about the number of jars I have. 

--- End quote ---

Me too. I might have to take a count sooner than later as rikkrack made me question myself.


I saw the post stating 2-3000 jars. I would have to get a second garage. Maybe just a storage unit.

"What do you plan in storing in here?"
"The 2-3000 jars of food I canned. I ran out of room in my house."

All the jars we found in grandparents barn (400 or so), unfortunately was 70% unusable. Glass jars and lids from commercial canning, peanut butter, jelly, pickles etc. Couldn't use the majority. Trying to find another use, before taking to recycling center. They saved EVERYTHING.


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