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freeze dried and dehydrated food storage (no need to rotate 25 yr shelf life)

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oh i agree 100% with your post and am building up my skills as we speak... this is a good option for people that lack another way to prepare be it someone in a city studio apt or no time to learn any of those skills... so far i am loving this place and the knowledge people are willing to share... for sure not taking your post in the negative in fact i think it really  brings up a great point in the topic.

:)  :-*

Thank you for the kind words Ecks.  :)

I'm trying to learn as I go as well.
And your point is a good one.
We all have to start on the road, and each of us chooses the path we can, and work on from there.

Keep working at it and enjoy the journey.


They had last year been advertising on Glenn Beck.  They will send you a "sample" meal along with their price breakdown.

Out of curiosity I requested a sample.

Of course they said you had to agree with being contacted...Good Luck with that. 

With my work schedule, I can't even contact myself.  :)

Thanks for starting this thread  Ecks.

This reminds me of when I first mentioned (years ago) to my husband that we should have a years worth of food stored (or more).  He thought that the "easy way" was to just get a couple of pallet loads and dump them in the basement. He said it sounded like cheap insurance to him, in 10 years, just get another couple of pallet loads.
He's much happier with how we are doing it, but I can see some people who don't really get it doing this, at least they would have food shtf.


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